Storage Systems in Air Domes

TILEA® Storage Systems: Cost-Effective and Flexible Solutions

We can build storage premises of almost any size (typically between 1,000 and 10,000 square meters) within several weeks.

Complete with pressure-chamber entry for trucks, your new storage space will be completely free of pillars or any other supporting elements that could collide with your logistical needs such as technology movement or storing large items.

Dry and heated during winter months, your premises will be ready to keep safe perishable goods as well as building materials, electronic devices or medical drugs – to name a few.

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TILEA domes
Compared to Steel Prefabricated Halls

Prefabricated TILEA
COST 40%-70% cheaper

Radically cost-effective

With TILEA air domes you save up to 70% of your costs in comparison to regular (concrete, modular or steel prefabricated) structures.

No pillars

Our solution is supported by air – it means no pillars or other supporting structures will stand in the way of your storing and moving solutions.


You can deinstall and move our air dome to a new location at any time.

Turnkey solution

We deliver a complete building including anchoring, ventilation and heating, lights, doors, pressure chambers for truck entry.

Connection to existing structure

We can connect our inflatable structure to existing buildings, build adjacent to them, on the roof etc.

No base needed

Our technology enables building on any flat surface even without concrete base. The dome can be anchored in concrete (40cm wide blocks around the perimeter of the hall) or directly in ground according to local conditions.

Heating included

If your goods are sensitive to freezing or low temperatures, you don’t need to be worried – our domes are fitted with powerful heating systems operating on gas, heating oil, pellets or other heating medium.

High ceilings

of up to 25m enable stocking of containers, pallets and the use of vertical storage systems.


or other similar technologies can be used in TILEA air domes – thanks to high ceilings and no-pillar construction.

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